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Parametric Dome

This project in Biomimicry, identifies the phyllotaxis arrangement found in nature and interprets it as an architectural structure, the parametric dome.

As a team we used grasshopper software to create a code for the dome.

Cone like forms are arranged in a phyllotaxy like spiral. their amplitude is parametrically optimized in order to let in maximum sunlight and minimum direct exposure.

project Date: Oct.2019 - Feb.2020
Type: Academic

Partners: Asaf Alhanaty & Dana Shaviv.

A layout for all the capsules was cut on duplex cardboard.

In order to ease the assembly prosses, each capsule layout was numbered in advance in the code according to its place in the phyllotaxis order.

Each capsule is folded according to the dotted laser cut marked lines.

The trapezoidal flaps are used to connect the capsules together by glue, so it can maintain the angel and shape of the dome.

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