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Shaa'r Ha-aliya Social Hub

Project Date: Oct.2019-Feb2020.

Type: Academic, Individual.

In the western side of Haifa, one highway away from the sea front, lays shaa'r haaa'liya neighborhood.

the neighborhood is full of modernistic mostly repetitive housing blocks.

The site is located at a dead-end road, it has a distorted plan shape, that is surrounded by housing blocks and has a close proximity on the upper side with one of the residential buildings.

The program required a building to house a social hub for the neighborhood that includes: a kindergarten, activity studios for elderly, residential unites for volunteering students, and a coffee shop.

there for, My design suggests to take the base of the close residential building as the top line of my building to make it as considerate and sensitive for the residents as possible, thus creating one extra floor under street level, and connecting them with ramps for accessibility and stairs that creates an outdoor theater.

The topography difference made it possible to continue the green space on top of the roof thus merging the building into the site.

the program is divided by a three outdoor squares in a linear order from the most public with the outdoor theater reaching the most private which is the kindergarten.  


Roof plan
level 0 - street level
-1 level

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render 5.jpg
site plan 200_edited.jpg

This longitude section  connects the three outdoor spaces in which divide the programmatic function of the building. starting from the most public outdoor space on the far left until the far right - the most private outdoor space, passing through the middle one which is conceded semi private semi public space.

site plan 200_edited.jpg

The section below, illustrates how the building integrates in the site and reacts to the surrounding buildings.

My design connects the supper street level with lower one through a green roof promenade that eases the meeting point between the existing building and my proposal.  

render 4.png
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