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Wadi Salib Heritage Pavilion


Project Date: Oct.2020 - Feb.2021

Type: Academic

Partner: Nour Abo Al-hija

At the heart of what remained from the Ottoman Haifa, specifically in Wadi Salibs ruins. lays one of the most outstanding architectural buildings - Hammam Al-basha.

Used as a urban bathhouse, the Hammam had a social and cultural importance in the Islamic world and in "Old Haifa" in particular.


Me and my partner choose our pavilions to be an extension to an abandoned building in front of the Hammam's building, as a gesture to highlight the importance of the Ottoman-Palestinian heritage that remained in Haifa today.

The pavilion celebrates the unique topology of the Hammam, and imitates one of its prominent features - the main dome - and gives it a modern interpitation in the interior of the pavilion.

Mainly focusing in designing and detailing the stairway, we suggest one that integrates with the narrow alleyways between the historic buildings, giving the users a unique authentic experience while visiting the pavilion. 

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הגשה סופית - עלאא ניג'ם + נור אבו אל-היג

Pavilion Plans

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Pavilion sections

As section num.1 shows, the pavilion connects the main road on the upper level with the alleyway on the lower left side, which integrates the upper part of wadi salib with the hammam ally.


in section num.2 we can see the relationship between the "abandoned historic building" and the new extension.

the historic building on the right serves as a reception hall that connects the two street levels.

the middle part serves as a gallery in the first floor, coffee shop in the second and a roof top viewing point at the third.   

 section num.1

 section num.1

גליון מס'4
גליון מס'5
גליון מס' 7
גליון מס' 6
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